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The Second Book From SmelLikeMoney

Publishing is called "Beauty & A Gee" Is a story of a women who is reading a book named "Beauty & A Gee" When she falls in love with the character in the book,That she is reading about.Then she goes to visit him in prison while she's reading the book.Not Realizing the story she's reading is about Shyne an his teenage crush,Their separation and the love story between them.But when she puts the book down you(The Reader) are reading of her personal life an her new relationship with Shyne who is not only the character in the book she's reading but he is also the author of the book.

Urban Street Novels

The first book From SmelLikeMoney Publishing , Is the story of twin brothere who grew up in a

​suburban neighborhood. Never knowing their father was a drug dealer , When they were 15yrs

old their father was robbed an killed in their home along with their mother. The twins both witnessed the killings an were placed in foster care, One of the twins was adopted By a wealthy

family. The other they didn't want because he was rebellious, he was also the bone with the heart an promised his father he'd always look after his brother. They had no other family and

​when his brother left him in foster care, He ran away an without knowing ended up in the same

​hood where his father once controlled 3 years prior. He also began working for the same dude that killed his father. MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR COPY COMING SOON


By Clarence Ford